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Review of Mi40X Cell Expansion Protocol

Review of Mi40X Cell Expansion Protocol

Review of Mi40X Cell Expansion Protocol

Following, you will find a review on Ben Pakulski’s Mi40X Cell Expansion Protocol. This will tell you everything you need to know about the program to help you make an informed decision before you make your purchase.

What is Mi40X?

This is a program created by a man named Ben Pakulski, that incorporates workouts, supplementation, and nutrition. It is being marketed with the claim that you can pack on “17 pounds of beef in 40 days.” The truth is that these claims are a bit exaggerated. After all, putting on quality muscle takes lots of dedication, time, and hard work. However, the methods used in this program are critical for growth of muscle.

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Who is this Program For?

This program is being marketed at everyone, without considering their overall fitness levels. In this program, you are given access to 3 workout splits. The Natural level for beginners, the Pro level for the more advanced users, and the Graduate level for those who fall somewhere in between the two.

At the very beginning, you are given a warning to be honest with yourself about where you should start. If you are a beginner, don’t jump straight to the advanced level and think that will give you the results you seek quicker. You will end up having to decrease your weights anyway. So, start with the smaller weights and work your way up to heavier weights over time.

What You Get with this Program

When you purchase this program, here is what you are going to receive

  • Nutritional Guide/Diet Calculators
  • FAQ Guide
  • CEP Practical Application Guide
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Workout Sheets
  • 7-Day Detox Diet & 7-Day Primer Phase
  • CEP Training Video Library
  • Exercise Execution Guide
  • Total Training Videos
  • CEP Training Blueprint

These days, just about everything you purchase online comes with some bonuses, and the Mi40X Program is no different. Here are the bonuses you’ll receive with your purchase:

  • Hardcore Ab Training
  • Science of CEP with Dr. Wilson
  • Essentials of Exercise
  • Xtreme Suspension Revolution

Following is an explanation of the components you receive with this program:

  • CEP Practical Application Guide

The process behind muscle growth is protein synthesis, which occurs in the nuclei of the muscle cells. The more nuclei you have in your muscle cells, the quicker they will be able to recover and grow. In this guide, Ben cites research and explains that when your muscles are under stress, a special cell attaches to your muscle cells and donates nuclei. This increase promotes faster recovery for muscles and is known as Satellite Cell Recruitment. In this guide, you will learn some methods and best practices to develop and increase Satellite Cell Recruitment.

Workout Sheets

As previously mentioned, this program contains 3 workout splits based on your training experience and varying in intensity. The workout splits are then broken down into a total of 6 phases over 5-weeks. These workout sheets are the “beef” of the program and will show you how you can implement the techniques used.

You will find 40 workouts that are broken down into a day-by-day process that is super easy to follow.

Nutrition Guide/Diet Calculators

The Nutrition Guide focuses on 2 primary factors: variation of nutrients and intake of carbs. Basically, your pre-workout and post-workout meals need to vary depending on your goals for the workout. That is, when you are training for strength, your nutrient consumption should vary when you’re training for hypertrophy.

Your nutrient variation depends on your carb consumption- which depends on yoru personal insulin sensitivity. Individuals who have naturally low body fat have high insulin sensitivity. That is, they can consume large amounts of carbs and still maintain their weight.

The Nutrition Guide should be used with one of the 4 Diet Calculators, based on gender and body fat.

  • Male, 12% body fat or less- high carb
  • Male, more than 12% body fat (lower carb)
  • Female, ,20% body fat or less (high carb)
  • Female, more than 20% body fat (low carb)

These diet calculators are divided into 7 different phases, according to the workouts. However, there really isn’t a workout program included in this plan for women. After all, men and women typically have very different goals when it comes to their workouts.

Supplementation Guide

This 21-page guide begins with a list of the basic supplements you need to be taking whether you are working out or not. Then, the guide breaks down supplements based on before and after workouts, increasing mass, decreasing fat, poor energy/sleep, changing insulin sensitivity, and increasing testosterone. You will see that for each supplement that is listed, you will be given some specifics about the supplement, recommended dosages, and how it will help you achieve your goals.

FAQ Guide

The FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions- will give you some answers to the common questions that people typically have with programs such as this.

7-Day Primer & Detox Diet

One thing you must understand is that this program is really intense. The 7-Day Primer Phase is created to warm you up and get you prepared for the program. You will be given some ideas on how you can align your body and brain so that the exercises are more effective.

The Detox Diet should be used along with the Primer Phase. The purpose is to prepare your digestive tract to utilize the nutrients you will be getting in the coming week. Going on a detox diet provides many benefits including increased energy, improvement in digestion, elimination of toxins and more.

Exercise Execution Guide

In this guide, correct technique is elaborated on. The guide is divided into 8 sections: abs, back, biceps, calves, chest, legs, and triceps. Each section is then broken down into specific movements for each area.

Total Training Videos

These videos are an extension of the Exercise Execution Guide– the exercises are demonstrated through video. In the videos, Ben will coach and explain- in detail- how to properly execute the movements.

CEP Training Blueprint

In this component, Ben will explain that CEP is the result of going over lots of different studies and putting some of the theories into practice. There are 4 major principles to this program:

  • Cell Swelling
  • Restriction of Blood Flow
  • Instra-Set Stretching
  • Time Under Tension

Each of these principles will be explained in detail. Plus, this component explains the science of building muscle and how this was incorporated into this program.

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this program. Some of the advantages are:

  • Offers a step-by-step program for nutrition and exercise
  • Offers a variety of plans for various experience levels
  • Offers techniques to help you overcome any plateaus
  • Offers detailed instruction videos

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Exaggerated sales video claims (it won’t happen overnight)
  • No detailed meal plans/recipes
  • Diet calculators are too generalized
  • No clear differences between men and women

Overall, this program is definitely legit and will help you put on quality mass. So, if you’re looking for a new approach and you can afford this program, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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