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Can You Build Muscle at Home without Equipment?

Can You Build Muscle at Home without Equipment?

Can You Build Muscle at Home without Equipment

There are many people who believe you need a gym membership and equipment in order to effectively build muscle- but the truth is that you don’t. you really can get results by simply using your own body weight.

Build Muscle at Home

Following, you will find 6 exercise movements that will help you build muscle in no time at all- without bothering with equipment.

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You don’t need an elliptical or treadmill. All you need is a decent pair of shoes and your own 2 legs. If you put about 80 percent of your energy on cardio, you’ll definitely see a transformation in your body. Take a look at cyclists and runners.

They’re not participating in spot training- they’re doing tons of cardio. Most of the people who have great abs are athletes, swimmers, and runners. They’re not taking the time to do crunches. They simply have a clean diet and spend most of their calories in cardio.

Here’s a trick: when you’re doing cardio, pull your belly button into your core. Even as you are running/walking, don’t focus only on your workout, but on your abs as you hold them in. You’ll notice an increase in strength simply from that.


Squats truly are one of the best and easiest workout moves you will do. Plus, as you get better, it’s fairly easy to transition to more difficult version. As you progress, be sure that you take the time to perfect your form.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms behind your head or straight out in front of you. As you bend at your knees, push your hips/butt back. Make sure that you keep your focus straight ahead and your back flat and chest up.

Throughout the entire movement, your back should remain neutral. Squat as low as you can and then drive through your heels to pop back up. Throughout the entire exercise, your weight should be on your heels.


Push-ups are effective for working your core, chest, triceps, and shoulders. They really are a big deal, so you should avoid neglecting them.

Start with your hands just a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Then, lower yourself until your chest is nearly touching the floor. As you lower and raise your body, squeeze your glutes and tense your abs. In order to protect your shoulders, make sure that you keep your elbows close to your sides.

If you’re not able to do a push-up, it’s simple to modify the movement by bending your knees slightly and on the floor. Or, you can start on an incline and work up to being able to do a push-up. You can also do a wall push-up using the same method outlined above against a wall.

Place hands a bit wider than shoulder-width apart on the wall, tighten your core, as you press up and lower down to the floor.


This movement helps with strengthening your core and toning your midsection, but they’re not something you really need to obsess over. Still, they do need to be a portion of your overall plan to develop core strength.

Start by lying on a carpeted surface/mat for your own comfort. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat. Cross your arms in front of your chest. Using your ab muscles, lift shoulders toward the ceiling and pause at the top of the movement. You should avoid lifting your entire back off of the floor- this can cause you to injure your back. As you go up, exhale and contract abs.

Then, inhale as you slowly ease back to the starting position. You should never plop back, but make sure you are in control of the movement. You should do 2-3 sets of 10 to begin with.

Walking Lunges

According to the experts, lunges are ideal for building thigh muscles.

Start in a standing position with feet hip-width apart. Then, take one giant step forward with your knee at a 90-degree angle. Your knees should be over your ankles and your shoulders over your hips. Then, take another giant step.

Keep doing this until you are fatigued. Try doing 3 sets of 10 with each leg. Walking lunges can easily be combined with cardio in hiking or walking up/down steps in your house.

Tricep Dips

Women seem to be genetically predisposed to carrying weight on the backs of their arms and is typically the last place that women lose weight. So, make sure that you pay attention to your calorie consumption and increase cardio.

Tricep dips can be quite effective, and you don’t need weights or a dip machine. Simply use your own body weight. Start by sitting on the edge of a chair and placing your hands on the edge of the seat with your knuckles facing forward. Place your legs out in front of you and knees bent at a 90-degree angle with feet pointed forward.

Your shoulders should be down and your elbows close to your sides. Lower your butt towards the floor, slowly bending your elbows into a 90-degree angle. When you reach the bottom, pause and slowly rise back up to sitting. You should keep the pressure on the heels of your hands. Try doing 2 sets of 10 or until you fatigue your triceps.

As you can see, it is possible to get in shape without the hassle of equipment and/or a gym membership. You can simply use what nature has already given you- your body weight. Of course, you should always remember to speak with your physician before starting this or any other exercise program.

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